Sånn er det

Often when I question things here in Norway I do not get a proper answer. More often than not the answer is, "Sånn er det" which means "thats the way it is"
So when I ask "why is everything closed on Sunday?", "Why is everything so expensive?" "Why don't norwegians use their indicators or car horns?" "Why do norwegians all eat taco's on Friday?" "Why is there a crap choice of food in the supermarkets here?" the usual answer is "Sånn er det" which really gets on my nerves, so when I'm asked a question I always try to avoid saying those three little words and give an answer explaining why something is the way it is. That is until Friday at work when a 5 year old asked me, "Hvorfor er dine pupper så store?" (why are your boobs so big?) and the only reply I could give was...... "Sånn er det!"