This was first day

Day 333: I have been getting behind on posting my projects! This one I made on New Years day on the drive down to Albuquerque to visit some friends. Don't worry, I wasn't the one driving. I found this picture of a girl walking in the rain. I tried to give it a rainy kind of feel by ripping the paper into long strips.
Day 334: I cut out a pair of scissors from a magazine page. This was one of my sneaky short projects. My mind was on hanging out and enjoying the friends we were visiting so I basically just made something as quick as I could! The friend we were visiting has a scissor collection (little pairs of scissors nailed to the wall) so scissors were the first thing that came to mind.
Day335: I always get a little melancholy around the time of my birthday. It's not about getting older, it's about struggling with accepting that I am loved and that it's okay to have a day that is supposed to be special for me. In the days approaching my birthday I go back and forth between excited and wishing I could just skip the whole thing. I decided to express some of that mixed emotion with some recycled tears.
Day 336: This collage is a continuation of thoughts and feelings around my birthday and reflections on where my life is at the moment. There is a crazy mix of words, some reflecting positive thoughts and outlooks, some of them a little more ambivalent, some expressing confusion and a sense of being lost. All this comes to rest on the right side of the page where there are two statements that sum up what I've uncovered as a solid foundation for approaching my life. It is important to me to be just as I am, without shoving my thoughts, desires, and impulses inside to please someone else (which I have indeed spent much of my life doing). The other is to always have something to look forward to. I am kind of an adventure/excitement junkie (though not in an extreme way like jumping out of planes). I am always seeking/wanting new experiences. I can get easily depressed when life becomes too routine. I know it is my responsibility to keep myself happy by actively seeking the next adventure rather than slipping into boredom and blaming it on relationship or the responsibilities of being a mom. This collage helped me to reconnect with that and curb the birthday blues.
Day 337: More magazine circles for my ongoing art piece. If this ever becomes as large and impressive as it is in my head, I will have really accomplished something!
Day 338: I drew a couple of pairs of scissors resting on top of each other. This drawing totally sucks and it can just go to the cardboard bin! I like the idea though, so I'll probably try a similar drawing again, hopefully with better results.
Day 339: Hanging out at the bar next to a basket of matchbooks and having a drink to celebrate my birthday (and having a good time of it too), I cut decorations into several of the matchbooks. They turned out pretty cute! I love projects that come about just cause I happen to be in a certain place at a certain time and start fiddling around with whatever happens to be in front of me.
Day 340: So, my birthday finally arrives, and it turns out to be a wonderful day! On the drive to the bowling alley, I cut a butter box up to look like a piece of swiss cheese. I really don't know why, but here it is!