When I met Henrik I really thought I'd met an old fashioned gentleman (and I was right!) His manners were impeccable (still are!) and he treated me like his princess (still does!)
I put all this down to him being Norwegian, you know,a small country (in terms of population) beautiful surroundings, a more innocent lifestyle and maybe that's just how kids are bought up...... Oh, how wrong was I!!!
I have found since moving here (I never really noticed it when we came here for holidays) that a large majority of Norwegians have no manners whatsoever.
Expecting to have a door held open for you? Not gonna happen!
Have someone thank you when you hold a door open for them? Hell, no!
Have someone roll over your foot with a Supermarket trolley and say sorry? I dont think so!
Give you a little "thank you" wave in the car when you let them pull out in front of you? Never!
Say sorry when they push you in a bush cause they are cycling on the pavement? In your dreams!
Say thank you when you pick them up from the ground after they just slipped on ice? Nope!
Maybe Norwegians are shy to say anything in these situations. I know they are a reserved bunch but really.....come on!! I started thinking maybe I'd just start behaving like them but why should I? I'm British,have good manners and whilst I'm living here I'm an embassador to good old Great Britain!!!!
p.s Im well aware that wherever you go in the world there are rude people with no manners (plenty in the UK) but this seems to be the norm here in Norway (the Oslo area at least!)
I think it's sad..... It's so easy to say say "please" and "thank you" and costs nothing!